Holy Broadcast Breath, Batman! I actually re-corded a REAL song that played on the radio - ooooh
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Guam, Japan, Hawaii, Denver, Kansas City, Portland, and Richmond Radio Airwaves

Ozone knows about 10 chords and can't play guitar worth a crap, but that doesn't stop him from trying!

have broadcast Radio Personality Jonny Ozone's PARODY SONGS and ORAL CREATIONS Personality Jingles. For the past 20 years as a DJ, he's been heard on radio stations around the world entertaining listeners with Stunts, Interviews, Topical Information, Contests, and PhotOZONE. This website is a collection of some favorite moments over the years. Please enjoy.

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Flashback story with Sofia Shinas in PhotOzone from the MTV Awards

Looking for Power 98 in Guam? 

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